Version History

mSupply v5.07 (2022-03-22)

Happy March! We have a few new features in this release, and as you might notice, the bulk of the changes are “Site rewrite” changes. These were part of a large internal rewrite which should make a lot of the admin configuration much simpler behind the scenes.

New Features

  • Tender line compare window: Add an “Expiry date” and “Delivery date” column for comparison [10171]
  • Add “ID” column to patient/name import and export files [9987]
  • Only allow adding a single store to a mobile site [9883]
  • Add a find window for response and request requisitions [9842]
  • Add search bar to master list window [9827]
  • Supplier invoices: add a “Duplicate line” button [7451]
  • Adjusted Local Cost defaults to sell price when Foreign Currency cost is set to Zero. [4622]


For everyone

  • Dashboard export: add [site]name to export [10145]
  • Named relations for `[store]name_ID` and `[name_store_join]store_ID` [9672]
  • Update cold chain alternate server validation to accept pipe characters in mac address [10437]
  • Name Tag: Allow deleting un-used name tags [8323]
  • Sites export form takes too long to load [6644]
  • Deleting name: The alert should list the store where the associated invoice is found. [5420]

For Nigeria

  • Nigeria CCW UNFPA: new delivery note [10157]
  • Nigeria DRF: New customer invoice [10155]

For UK Med

  • UK Med: Box contents report needs extra “HS commodity code” column [10144]

Bug fixes

  • Set correct index types for [sync_out] table [10435]
  • Creating stock transfer: run time error [10229]
  • In Transaction report[Excel] ‘Totals for each name, “Value” column is not present in 506 onwards [10188]
  • Item codes: spaces need to be allowed within item codes [10183]
  • Customer invoice: clicking ‘Cancel’ in print form leaves unusable CI window open [10180]
  • Cost price incorrectly set when consolidating item lines [10153]
  • Assets: Only a single user can be assigned to a location [10125]
  • Wrong xliff reference used when adding cross reference items [10103]
  • User login window has both French and English texts in the same window [10069]
  • The Misc labels Modify button doesn’t work [10049]
  • Purchase Order: “price after discount” field’s value get deleted after entering Expected delivery date [10025]
  • Users name should not accept spaces only [9966]
  • Ledger checking code: actually updates stock lines, doesn’t just check them [9925]
  • Reports: 4 transaction line reports do not contain batch and expiry information [9923]
  • If the lines of an invoice are invalid when importing CORDAID invoices, the invoice is created but without any lines [9763]
  • Changing the store preference “Set pack to one for all visible items in this store” is not taken into account when receiving stock [9754]
  • Deleting a newly created Stocktake before closing the Stocktake lists doesn’t really delete the stocktakes [9439]
  • The Purchase order field for confirmation date should be greyed out when it is not enterable [9408]
  • Empty master list can be created [9150]
  • Store deletion code does not delete the store from the sites table [8143]
  • Prevent the Grafana dashboard export when datafile becomes un-registered [6358]
  • Can put a Negative Supplier or Customer invoice tax rate % [6282]
  • False error message when importing customers on Primary server [4290]
  • Email (old) dashboard reports doesn’t use notificationPeriod rule [4149]
  • Inconsistent type declarations in startup_update_version and version_number_return [4078]
  • Store pref: ‘Items created in this store not visible in other stores’ has gone missing [2377]
  • Items with 0 stock reported as Overstocked in Notifications [10364]

Site rewrite

  • `[site]` Rewrite: Delete site button [9917]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Confirm dialog for turning off/on sync [10320]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: site input “add store” button [9609]
  • `[site]` Rewrite : user permission for viewing and editing [sites] [9560]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: site input settings [9510]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: New navigator button to view sites [9509]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: site input Details [9508]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: New input form [9506]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Migration create “Central” site for central server [9580]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Sync processor validation checks revision [9573]
  • `[site] Rewrite : Move sync statistics to [site_log] [9570]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Update [store].output form [9563]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Hide stores that are not active from login (residual collector data) [9562]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: named relation for site and store tables [9557]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Store input sync tab [9555]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Migrate remote site sync configuration from [site] to [site_settings] [9514]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Remove updates “store_pref_sync_option” based on visibility [9479]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: site wizard persistence updated [9478]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: remove legacy UI [9477]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: remove creating sites from the REST api [9472]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: New sync enabled pref and site.code editing [9988]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: server_url should only be updated into site_settings [9960]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Allow logging in to allowed stores if no active store [9945]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: XML export/import works correctly [9927]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: sync_request_size from site_settings [9902]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: sync interval from site_settings [9901]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: registration buttons [9900]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Logging editing sites [9893]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Check Connection button [9874]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: create and sync legacy sync prefs for older mSupply sites [9853]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: sync store configuration data to site when store made visible to site [9852]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Site input “Remove Store” button [9811]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Make finding current site on central server easier [9810]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: way to set site as active [9809]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Use node HTTP request pref; use `[site_settings]` instead [9804]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: push/pull records [9766]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: pref `store_pref_sync_type` and method `sync_get_store_sync_type()` [9729]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Pause sync pref [10346]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: web user arrays keep site details after site deleted [10342]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: synchronisation enabled pref should alert if user doesn’t have permission [10240]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Update `syncSiteDiagnostic` [10391]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: Remove “Set site as active” button [10370]
  • `[site]` Rewrite form: when adding/removing store, clicking OK takes a long time [10401]
  • `[site]` Rewrite: should have to register before you can turn sync_enabled pref on/off [10366]