Version History

mSupply v6.00 (2022-05-20)

New Features

See our docs to read more about our new features!

For everyone

  • Integrate the remote patient lookup module with Tamanu [10489]
  • Alert in receiving goods if receiving more stock than was ordered [10090]
  • Integrate remote patient search so patients can be added from Tamanu [9796]

For Haiti

  • Haiti: Goods receipt report (report 7 – Deliverable No. 9.4) [10939]
  • Haiti: customised expiring items report required (report 5 – Deliverable No. 9.5) [10795]

For Kiribati

  • Add flag on patient records to mark alive/dead [10564]

For Samoa

  • Permission report for Groups should report/show Groups and Store permission excluding users [9576]

For Ivory Coast

  • Allow filtering customer requisitions by period [10623]

For Haiti

  • Haiti: new replenishment type report (Deliverable 6.2)
  • Haiti: custom pick list (Deliverable No. 11)
  • Haiti: customised expiring items report required (report 5 – Deliverable No. 9.5)
  • Haiti: customised current stock report required (report 2 & 3 – Deliverable No 9.1 + 9.2)
  • Haiti: Allocating program to stock from a purchase order (1PC – Deliverable 6.1) [11001]
  • Haiti: Goods receipt report (report 7 – Deliverable No. 9.4) [10939]

For internal use

  • Web process runtime error handler and logging [9915]
  • Sync v5: Support blob and picture fields [10631]
  • Convert to 4D v19 R3 – Full support of BLOB in ORDA [10534]
  • Web-based 4D server admin [3378]
  • Add table columns required for omSupply remote data backup [10464]


For everyone

  • Item usage report : improve report to show the filter information [10091]
  • Name visibility tab in new/edit store window [9718]
  • Closing a new tender should give an alert message advising it has not yet been saved [9607]
  • Improve logging of important Purchase order changes [9522]
  • Added `contains` search filter for Good Receive [9493]
  • Better logging in Good Receive [4441]
  • On single-user mSupply version: Set a default backup number to 15 [3564]
  • Expanding the length of item code to more than 18 characters [10572]
  • Site rewrite: XML import prompt/remind user to enter site password [10404]
  • Logs for moving stores to a new site should include what site it was moved from [10454]
  • Generic method for rounding based on preference [10066]

For Myanmar

  • National quarterly report to include builds [10473]

For Niger

  • Convert sending customer invoices & proof of delivery info to the DTT app to use sync [10451]

For Ivory Coast

  • Allow viewing the Insurance tab when creating a new patient [10617]

Bug fixes

  • Stock on date report – fix date range picker issues [6163]
  • Creating a blank stocktake just after creating a program-based stocktake doesn’t create a blank stocktake [9438]
  • Barcodes can be edited on finalised in inventory adjustments [10294]
  • Supplier invoice line sell price gets reset to 0 if no cost price is set [10253]
  • Stocktakes list “Last year” filtering option doesn’t work [10755]
  • The currency window doesn’t show the updated changes right after the change. [10408]
  • In satellite site, editing site password doesn’t save [10722]
  • Hiding stores that aren’t visible on the site when not on primary or central datafiles [10587]
  • When creating a new store, the cancel button of the alert saying that you didn’t choose any master list doesn’t work [10554]
  • Can add Tenders conditions and categories in disabled store [10550]
  • Logged in store should be labelled with “(Read only)” if not active on datafile [10588]
  • Dashboard export : Run time error happens when the number of records is over 10000 in the normal export [10303]
  • Exporting a data file doesn’t export [clinician_store_join] records [10246]
  • Requisition reasons still show up even if made inactive [10199]
  • Improve log “Record ID” [10198]
  • Fix runtime error when trying to filter Response requisitions list by period on remote when language is french [10767]
  • Assets: Windows screen overlaps the mSupply window screen and blocks the screen to move or to resize [10117]
  • Can’t enter local charges for a supplier invoice with more than one line [9787]
  • Autogenerated patient codes can be 0 multiple times [9446]
  • Long store names are trimmed when their field width is not big enough [6315]
  • UI corrections on the Item input window labels [10744]
  • Site input: “OK” button doesn’t work if a user doesn’t have permissions [10555]