Version History

v1.11 (4th November 1999)


  • Version 1.11 is the first public release.

Fixes and changes:

  • Added a new menu item “category analysis” that allows summary reporting on the item category field for up to three levels, and multiple choices for selection criteria.
  • Backorder editing now incorporated into the “backorders” tab of the customer details window (separate menu command removed).
  • Added a “category” field to names to allow grouping of names by category.
  • We now use the “Setup Factory” installer to make installation a “no-brainer”
  • The “item code” field was accidentally (badly) placed on the “quotes” tab of the item view/edit window. (Sound of hand slapping forehead).
  • When printing a “special” invoice the invoice lines weren’t being sorted into the correct order before printing.
  • On Macintosh some fields are sizing slightly short (top to bottom).
  • A warning is now included if mSupply starts up at a screen resolution of 640×480 (we aren’t supporting this resolution- users need to use 800×600 or better). On Windows we can only get the size of the application window, not the screen, so this is still not quite right, but close enough.
  • The “view backorder” window looked rude on Windows (sorry)
  • The “invisible” button on customer invoices was looking bad when dimmed on finalized invoices- it is now hidden, so you can see how much tax was extracted from the poor customer.
  • You can no longer set the default vertical window opening position in the preferences to a height less than the menu bar.
  • The default currency option in the preferences now shows a menu of available currencies.
  • If the “view backorder” button was clicked on a customer invoice entry, and then a line on the backorder was double-clicked, returning to the invoice showed invalid transaction lines. Oops.
  • Changed item name entry to only allow entry via a button
  • Added dedicated item fields for DDD factor and category (ATC) values.
  • Fixed error where after viewing a backorder, the incorrect transaction lines could show in the invoice entry window (no data was incorrect)