Version History

v1.2 (1st March 2000)


  • “show all” button removed from transaction list view.
  • “transaction list window title now describes contents better.
  • the need to roll over item usage has been eliminated. Item usage is now calculated “on the fly” for each item.
  • a new preference has been added that allows the user to determine how many months to “look back” when calculating item usage for an order.
  • Numerous “under-the-hood” changes to move towards a multi-user environment. (Note- due to these changes the invoice number does not show up for new invoices until the invoice is saved.
  • Much improved choice lists for names and items. When choosing a name, the actual name rather than the code is entered, so name codes no longer need to be logical.
  • Entry of supplier/customer on invoices is now done by entering name, not code.
  • Margins on supplier invoices are now editable on a line-by-line basis. (This option can be turned on/off in the preferences)
  • Fixed wrong form being printed with “print invoice series” command.
  • Quotes may now be edited from “quotes” tab of a supplier window.
  • Invoices may now be viewed & edited from the “invoices” tab of a customer or supplier window.
  • New preferences allow logging of more events.
  • When printing invoice series, the user can chose whether to print a list or each invoice in full, and can choose whether to see the print settings window between each invoice.
  • Level 4 and 5 ATC reporting is now implemented.
  • The starter essential drugs file now includes ATC codes and DDD factors.