Version History

v1.96r3 (5th June 2007)

New Features

  • Pack size shows when viewing details for a stock line
  • Repacks: can now delete a repack if not finalized.
  • Repacks: now record user id
  • Location management
  • Purchase order lines, Goods Received lines and Supplier invoice lines: changing the pack size changes the volume based on the previous ratio.
  • Goods Receipts: new button to show volume availability at chosen locations (lines are coloured red/orange/green to indicate no space/tight space/enough space)
  • Same line colouring applied to purchase orders on the location tab to  show effect of receiving purchase order
  • Available volume is now shown when double-clicking a goods receipt line

Bug Fixes

  • Occasional error when choosing an item to issue with a long supplier  code fixed (non-critical)
  • Repacks: bug when saving a repack with status “sg” fixed (critical)
  • Purchase Orders now correctly ignore the current purchase orders’ stock volumes when calculating volume on order.
  • Purchase Orders: volume for this order now excludes lines already received.
  • Labels on the item usage tab were wrong.      
  • Negative numbers in location management windows (indication over-full locations) now display their units correctly