Version History

v1.3 (6th March 2001)


  • Too many changes, new features and bug fixes to list them all.

Major features include:

  • Most significantly, mSupply is now fully client-server capable. We expect mSupply will be able to handle 20 or 30 concurrent users with no problems. If anybody has a spare 70 or 80 computers they can lend, we’ll be able to report on larger networks.
  • Many interface improvements. For users, the most significant change is that the edit line buttons are gone from all windows. Now you simply double-click the line you want to edit.
  • Multiple windows can now be opened at the same time. To do so, click on the splash screen picture (the supply man), and the menu will reappear, allowing you to start a new task.
  • Greatly expanded reports menu
  • a menu in the transaction report window now lets you choose from several different styles of report
  • quotation reports by supplier or item
  • opening stock for the year (or closing stock for previous year- same thing!)
  • current stock valuation- previously mSupply only reported the total. Now you can print a list as well
  • Report headers, footers and borders can now be set by the user
  • There is an option to show recent purchases for an item when entering a supplier invoice
  • Transaction notes- any invoice can have a note attached to it with up to 32,000 characters of text. The note will print on the bottom of the invoice.
  • Supplier quotations can now be in any currency- not just the default currency for the supplier.
  • There is a second address line on invoices for your information to be added.
  • A new preference allows turning on or off the logging of new name creation.
  • The previous year’s item ledger can be printed. This means that new transactions can be entered without the need to save an end of year copy of mSupply just for printing the ledger.
  • Each transaction no longer stores the name code and the charge code- the charge code is taken from the name at the time of export. This way you can edit charge codes and re-export if there is a problem.
  • In the ledger tab of the item viewing window, there are two extra options-
    1. to view all the transactions for a particular name (click on a transaction then choose this item to view all transactions from/to the same name as the one you clicked.
    2. to view all the transactions associated with a particular batch of stock.
  • Holding down the shift key while clicking on a blue column header now sorts the column in the reverse (descending- 9>1, z>a) order. Email from within mSupply. We have added quick email functionality. This is just the start- watch this space…
  • It is now possible to set the minimum stock level for each item (although there is no requirement to do so. See the manual for a fuller expalantion). When generating an order, mSupply’s own calculation method is used first, and if the result is still less than the minimum, the order quantity is increased.