Version History

v1.82r2 (30th August 2005)

Bug fixes

  • Automatic backup for Mac & Windows can now be set.
  • In Preferences the buttons to choose files and folders were wrongly disabled.
  • The margin on supplier invoices is now rounded to 2 decimal places for display.
  • Cash payments and cash receipts now working.
  • Printing item ledgers and stock from the item details window now working again.
  • Some preference items were not being remembered when set by the user (broke in v181, now fixed)
  • Client-server versions of mSupply now correctly show they are registered.

New features

  • Added field “ABC category” for items.
  • Restore backup command is now enabled.
  • Item name length extended to 80 characters. Various windows expanded to show longer item names.
  • Add a “valid until” (date) field for quotes from suppliers.