Version History

v1.84 (13th December 2005)

Bug fixes

  • Supplier margins were not being shown when lines were edited on a supplier invoice.
  • Ad Hoc item can’t be deleted
  • First row was being ignored on names import even if box not checked on options
  • Importing items and stock was not importing item name if “remove quotes” option was checked (oops!). Cancel button now being respected on warning dialogs, and setting of opening stock was ignoring pack sizes other than 1.
  • Packing slip print dates were not being saved.
  • Fixed potential issue with repacks.
  • When importing electronic invoices, the item name was not being saved in the transaction, although the import happened successfully.

New features

  • Automatic distribution of quantity to be issued over multiple batches
  • Editing of multiple batches to be issued can be done in the one window.
  • Placeholder lines are coloured red.
  • Ad Hoc item lines are coloured blue.
  • Service lines are coloured purple.
  • Item categories can be reordered by drag-and-drop, and the order is remembered when choosing a category for an item. Item categories can now be chosen when adding new items.
  • Drag-and-drop renumbering of invoice lines
  • Dispensary mode: there is now an option to set default directions for each item. The first default direction is applied automatically. Other default directions can be chosen when dispensing an item.
  • New report shows items issued for each user.
  • Flag field now added for Names as well as Items.
  • New report: User transaction totals.
  • Added first, last, d.o.b. & gender to names import.
  • Import_cust_supp now counts rows first, and shows a progress dialog
  • More fields for prescriber information
  • Patient codes can now be prefixed with a custom character(s).
  • Repacking of transactions improved.
  • The time of confirmation of transactions is now recorded. You can use this field to draw some very nice graphs of hourly transaction loads. Ask Sustainable Solutions if you want to know how.
  • Patient choice list now shows address & date of birth to help distinguish patients.
  • Auto-capitalisation of Patient and Prescriber names.
  • Improvements to lookup of names to handle languages with apostrophes as the first character (i.e. Tongan!)
  • Prescriber lookup now operates on both name and code, and can search prescribers using “last name comma first name”. “U” and “D” keys now work for moving up and down the prescriber choice list as they do for names and items.
  • Entering, saving and printing of miscellaneous labels to Zebra label printers.
  • Can now merge prescribers.
  • Default printing options can now be set for each transaction type.
  • Complex find button added to Names > Find patient window.
  • Patient ages now show two decimal places to enable more accurate ages for children less than 2 years old.
  • Dispensary mode transactions warn if trying to save an invoice with no lines.
  • Entry of dates when issuing and receiving stock is more flexible. e.g. entering “3/4” will work. This change also resolves an issue with the alert for invalid date formats not being modal on Windows.
  • New item warning if user tries to issue more than a certain quantity (set per item). This is helpful where people get confused between items whose pack size is whole units and items whose pack size is ml or gm.
  • The method day_number_to_text can be used in custom reports to show the day as text (“Monday”, “Tuesday”, etc.) in reports. Contact us if you want to know how to do this
  • Many more user permissions.

Changes unlikely to affect your work

  • The reporting options for items are now on their own tab.
  • When deleting a confirmed order, the user is given the choice of re-using the order number.