Version History

v1.85r2 (13th January 2006)

Bug fixes

  • When an invoice line created with a previous version of mSupply was edited, and there was another invoice with the same batch, the edited line did not correctly reflect the total of the two lines.
  • When a placeholder line was deleted on confirmation of an invoice, the display was not being updated.
  • The price extension was not always set to zero when placeholder lines were added.
  • Adding of Ad Hoc items to a backorder is now more robust (done in a new process)
  • When editing a transaction line, and changing it to a totally different line, stock totals were sometimes not updated correctly.
  • Set start of year stock was wrongly rounding to integers rather than leaving as a real number.


  • Item list windows are now centred on the screen rather than offset from the corner.
    h4. Changes to placeholder lines recalculate subtotals (not immediately relevant, but we’re thinking of the future ;-) )