Version History

v1.86 (2nd Feb 2006)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with printing labels in dispensary mode
  • Printing tender documents is now printing rather than creating PDF files.

New features

  • Automatic checking for new versions of mSupply.
  • Log-in window nows shows the data file you are connecting to.
  • Manufacturers can now be defined as a separate category from suppliers, and each incoming item have a manufacturer defined.
  • Several reports now have an added “open in Excel” option
  • In multi-user use, mSupply now remembers the Excel (Or Staroffice Calc) location for each user.
  • Opening reports in Excel creates a temporary file and opens the report without any further user intervention. (Remember to save the report to the location of your choice before closing Excel if you want to keep it!)
  • New names can be added directly from the names list window.
  • Reminders now record the user who created each reminder. You can view and edit reminders created by you that others should action as well as reminders for you to action. The reminders list is now sortable and has resizable columns


  • We now use the Win2PDF PDF creator on Windows. This results in faster and more reliable PDF creation. Please contact us for purchase of the driver.
  • Macintosh PDF generation is now working reliably.
  • Tenders: print all and email all buttons removed- you can get the same functionality by selecting all rows and click the Print selected or Email selected buttons.