Version History

v1.90 (9th Mar 2006)

Bug fixes

  • Under certain circumstances and with certain printer drivers, printing purchase orders could cause a PC to hang or restart. This issue has been fixed.
  • Deleting purchase order lines. Under certain circumstances, a highlighted purchase order line could not be deleted. This issue has been fixed.
  • Searching for suppliers via purchase orders. This search showed all suppliers. This issue has been fixed.
  • Creating supplier invoices from goods receipts. Under certain circumstances, a placeholder line was mistakenly created. This issue has been fixed.
  • On startup, mSupply now clears out it’s temporary folder.
  • Many other minor bug fixes.

New features

  • mSupply Navigator added. This window allows easy access to all the common mSupply functions and options, and takes the place of the splash screen.
  • New goods receipting functionality added. This provides a more precise method of receiving goods and automatically creates supplier invoices. Multiple batches from one purchase order line can now be received separately, and excess goods can be received.
  • mSupply can now import and export all names (suppliers, customers and manufacturers) and all stock items to and from text files.
  • New report ‘Suggest order quantities’ added. This report analyses your stock levels and suggests which items need ordering and how much.
  • Tender management module improved to include automatic tender generation and purchase order creation. Internal tender report also added.


  • Dispensary express mode has been removed. Dispensary full mode is now simply Dispensary mode.
  • Reports Item ledger and Item ledger date range have been consolidated into a single report Item ledger.
  • ABC analysis report and Transactions report have been improved.
  • Management summary now prints in portrait not landscape.
  • Item list report has been given added query options.
  • Item usage reports form has been updated. You can now preview the approximate number of items to be included before running the full report.
  • Goods received printing now gives more information.
  • Purchase order forms have now been consolidated into two pages rather than three.
  • Purchase order line form has been consolidated and reduced in size.
  • mSupply will not longer check for the reports folder on startup. Reports are now saved internally.
  • Unregistered copies now expire after 1800 transaction lines rather than a flat 3 months. If registration is expired, menu bars will no longer show up.
  • Many more reports can now be opened in MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc..