Version History

v1.9r2 (25 May 2006)

  • Bug fixes

    • Receiving Goods : The remaining ordered quantities shown when receiving goods could be wrong as pack size was not taken into consideration.
    • Some quick reports failed to work. The information shown was wrong. A problem with the database structure was identified and corrected.
  • New Features
    • Backup : added the option to compress the data file for backups
    • Adding a purchase order line manually automatically shows cost from a preferred or a recently provided quote from the supplier.
    • Added item units to dispensary labels.
    • Added a customization field to dispensary label. One mSupply client wanted to specify an identifiable code, so that the source of dispensary labels can be identified from various departments and/or hospitals. On file preference, the customization code can be specified.
    • Added an extra boolean field to the items table to control the printing of units on dispensary labels.


  • Changes

    • Bonus system when issuing stock is now disabled as none of our clients need it.