Version History

v1.92 (11th July 2006)

Bug fixes
    • User permission for new users were not being saved.
    • Double clicking on stock lines for item failed to work.
    • Item units are now displayed correctly.
    • Making customer invoice from supplier invoice : changes to the program needed to be implemented. This has been done.
    • Error occurring when long batch names used for stock is solved.
    • Sell price according to customer categories was not working in dispensary mode. Errors were corrected.
    • Recently created purchase order e-mail could not be viewed. This has been fixed.
  • New Features
    • Added active/inactive field to prescribers
    • Improved purchase order printing to reflect most of our client's needs. Added units column. Ignored supplier discount columns as no one wants it.
    • On supplier credit and inventory adjustment, the price section no longer shows, previously the price calculation field was disabled.
    • We have now made it possible to copy all types of invoice to Clipboard, then the information can be pasted on to Excel. A copy invoice icon appears on all types of invoice form
    • OK & Next Button added to item categories making it easier to add item multiple categories at once.
    • Purchase order line form: viewing ledger is now possible. Double clicking on a ledger line opens transaction invoices.
  • Changes
    • Item slow movers report : Changed the month calculation to days in order to be uniform with other section of mSupply.
    • Report ABC Analysis : Improved error checking. Took out the limit to report on 1000 items only as computers have become a lot faster.