Version History

v1.92 (4th July 2006)

New features

  • A new Prescriber report
  • Can now set transaction categories for prescriptions separately to customer invoices in store mode.
  • New preference to force choice of a category for customer invoices in store mode.
  • Can edit prescribers on the fly in dispensary mode
  • Patient details update as soon as edited
  • Support for any size dispensary label width and height.
  • More user choices for handling duplicates when importing items
  • Prescriber gender field now showing
  • Any transaction report can now be run for dispensary mode, store mode or both.
  • The option to print purchase orders alphabetically has been added.
  • Prescribers can be assigned active or inactive status.
  • A purchase order printing section has been added to File > Preferences. Here, you can turn on/off the printing of signatures and other sections of Purchase orders.
  • You can copy a supplier invoice to the clipboard, from where it can be pasted in Excel.
  • Sell price categories have been made applicable to patients in Dispensary Mode.
  • By double-clicking a purchase order line, then clicking the receipts tab, you can view the receipt transactions for that item by choosing an option from the drop-down list.

Bug fixes

  • Item detail view: the Stock tab was not showing the supplier in the stock list.
  • Copy/Paste was disabled for File>Preferences.
  • Copy/Paste was disabled for Tenders window.
  • Changes
  • Item slow movers Report uses days rather than months.
  • Price tab now does not show on Inventory Adjustment window.