Version History

v1.95 (7th Feb 2007)

New Features

  • French translation of the interface elements complete (except for changes in this version)..
  • Location management:
    • You can specify locations from a list, and define location volumes
    • You can define location types C
    • ommand to merge locations
    • Can set default volume for each item. v
    • ersion 1.96 will have significant abilities to report on volumes used at each location..
  • Purchase order display uses the great new list view- you can set columns, widths, sort orders and it is remembered next time you open the window.
  • New reports (thanks to Andy):
    • Expiry date vs cover shows you how likely it is that lines in stock will be used before expiry.
    • Customer shortfall report shows how much of customer demand is being met.
  • Packing slips can now be split into multiple sheets by shelf location. (See the Prefer- ences chapter for more details).
  • User transaction totals report can now be produced for a time range (e.g to see how many prescriptions were processed for a particular shift).
  • Goods receipt printing now sorts correctly by line number.

Bug fixes

  • A corrupted invoice form could cause a client crash if you chose “simple- good for dot matrix” for the customer invoice form in the preference
  • The date filter was not working correctly for Report > Purchases Can now enter a quantity for number of items to report on in ABC analysis report.