Version History

v1.96 (24th April 2007)

New Features

  • Now certified with Windows Vista
  • If editing a supplier invoice line where stock has already been issued, you have the option to view which customer invoices the stock was issued on.
  • Many new options for printing dispensary labels
  • Mini invoices can be printed on dispensary labels
  • Location management now handles item volumes, including the ability to determine whether a purchase order will result in more stock being delivered than there is available volume. This is especially relevant for cold chain items.
  • New forms of transaction reports.
  • Backorders button on Customer invoice now has “New” and “Modify” buttons
  • In Preferences > Invoices 1, there is a new option “Activate budget module”
  • A budget period can now be set for both Customer and Supplier invoices.
  • A budget report shows performance for the period against budget. The report can be viewed on screen or printed.
  • In Preferences > Printing, the option “Don’t print placeholder lines on pick slips” may be toggled on or off
  • Customer invoices: the $ icon at lower left has a new option to print a Proforma invoice in place of a pick slip.
  • Each name has an option to determine if invoices are printed with item in alpha betical order or line number order
  • The New Goods Receipt input form has two new line buttons, allowing entry of aline from the purchase order, or a line not on the purchase order
  • The Show Goods Received form has a “Find” button in the lower left corner, allowing a rapid search for a particular line

Bug fixes

  • The French localization has had many errors fixed (we've disabled it for this release until we finish work.
  • Convert pack to one option for items is now respected when converting a goods receipt to a supplier invoice.