Version History

v2 (2nd June 2008)

Most of the major changes in version 2 are listed under earlier beta versions.  Changes between v2b2 and v2 final include


  • Inter-user messaging system- a simple system to see which other users are logged in, and to send them messages.
  • Security much improved for web itnerface- can't execute arbitary URLs any more.
  •  Can now include Purchase Order lines with zero suggested quantity when creating a purchase order (allows you to investigate lines that mSupply considers have sufficient stock)
  • Shipping labels (or "box/carton labels") from customer invoices (EPL printing to Zebra printers only)
  • Item labels for items manufactured from builds
  • Order lines history now shows the goods received ID
  • Logging of user log-in and log-out (can be turned on/off in the preferences)
  • New, simplified non-stock item handling (old system still in place and now called "Ad Hoc" items, but we recommend you don't use it)

Bug fixes

  • Checking for duplicate item codes now working
  • Volumes now show m3 by default before a value is entered.
  • Viewing goods received lines on a purchase order fixed.
  • It was possible to delete units that were in use by items.
  • If a  quantity greater than that ordered had been received on a purchase order it could cause miscalculations of stock on order.
  • Stock reports with an "Actual Location" filter were showing zero stock items rather than excluding them.
  • Other minor bug fixes