Version History

v2.01 (19th Feb 2009)


  • Separate user preferences for finalizing customer invoices, supplier invoices, repacks etc
  • Deletion of purchase orders is now logged
  • New button to cancel a finalized supplier or customer invoice (It creates a reversed invoice so there is an audit trail. The original invoice is untouched)
  • Many reports that calculate usage and generation of purchase orders sped up by a factor of 10.
  • Fax number and email address of supplier are now shown on purchase orders.
  • Item notes can be set to show on customer and supplier invoices, where they appear as a "Post-it note" type of window.
  • Currencies now record the date they were updated.
  • New custom report for Solomon Islands that generates a multi-worksheet Excel spreadsheet. (Other clients: let us know if you'd like this)
  • Master lists for items.
    1. You can create an unlimited number of master lists. Each list has a name, and contains a list of items and an optional imprest quantity for each item.
    2. You can assign master lists to a customer under the "favorites" tab
    3. When you update a master list, it is updated for all names that use that list.
    Item master lists can be copied to local lists.
  • When a customer stock history or imprest entry is made, the combination of the master list(s) assinged to the customer and any local lists assigned are used.
  • Item master lists can be copied to local lists (for example, you might have a customer whose imprest quantities are different to those specified in the master.
  • Updating the expected delivery date for a purchase order updates the expected delivery dates of any lines that have the same date as the purchase order had before changing. (That is, lines with a custom date are left alone).
  • The items > stock tab now shows the days cover for the current item (calculated on the fly from usage and stock levels)
  • Purchase order notes
    • You can add a note to a purchase order line.
    • You can specifiy if the note should be shown when the line is received on a goods receipt transaction
    • Goods receipt lines with a note are coloured red
    • Double-clicking a goods receipt line shows the note, and has a "has been actioned" checkbox, after which the line is no longer coloured red.
  • Misc Labels can now use 24 point font (good for printing shelf labels for items)
  • Diagnostics menu command shows potential data problems and offers to fix (the "Look for ledger problems" menu item has been removed as it's now part of diagnostics).
  • Can now add the same line to the prices a supplier submits for a tender more than once (Some suppliers submit mulitiple prices based on supply from different manufacturers
  • Report > Purchase orders: can now run the reports for a single purchase order
  • Suggest order report is now clearer about the days cover columns
  • Suppliers are now sorted alphabetically when adding to a tender

Bug Fixes

  • Report Item List: fixed potential errors
  • Can no longer enter negative quantities for repacks 
  • Recording of user who modified a purchase order now working properly
  • Builds with status "nw" were not being handled properly when reconciling ledgers
  • Fixed potential for an invoice to be wrongly set to confirmed when trying to do the operation while another user is viewing the invoice.
  • Fixed a potential calculation error with purchase order future delivery date caclulations.
  • Default number of days to look back for usage calculation: this preference is now used in reports as well as purchase orders.
  • Customer stock take history : Date changes are now saved
  • Can't use other stores as the name for a customer or supplier credit
  • Can no longer change the item for a tender line after quotes for that line have been received.
  • Items > New item: OK & Next button clears the Non-stock item customer name.
  • Fixed a possible way of issuing stock that was on hold
  • Price lists and updating of price lists now works properly for multiple stores.
  1. Hello,
    I have just renewed a subscription for a Msupply 2.01 version.

    version 201
    Organisations name: Medair
    Hardware ID: ***hidden***
    Registration code: ***hidden***

    When preparing a customer invoice the following error has appeared:

    No more room to save record.
    Table: transactions Record No 674
    The record cannot be written.

    Please advise as the programme will not let me continue normal use.

    Kind Regards,
    David Gardner
    Medair Logistics

    — David Gardner · Nov 3, 08:06 pm · #

  2. That error is almost always because you’re trying to run mSupply from a location that doesn’t have write permissions for Windows, or you’ve inadvertently locked the file (this used to happen in old versions of Windows if you used a CD to copy a file)
    I’ve emailed you privately with more options

    Craig · Nov 4, 05:37 am · #

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