Version History

v2.02 (22nd April 2009)

mSupply V2.02 contains a lot of new features, a few minor changes & bug fixes 


  • Able to Switch Stores & mode instantaneously without password for the "Logged in" user
  • More options for customising and saving Item master lists
  • Imprest module, now also implemented on the web.
  • Current stock report now allows the option of including zero stock lines.
  • Enhanced filtering options in Quotation Summary Report.
  • Added OK & next button to Location details window.
  • Make item notes that only show for a particular store, and that show dur-
    ing dispensing or issuing goods.
    • Notes can have their background colour set.
    • Notes can have the number of times to annoyingly beep specified per note.
    • Notes are nicely staggered if there's more than one to display at a time.
    • Notes stick around until you close them.
  • New name notes with the same features as item notes (above).
    • Can specify a note that shows when an invoice or purchase order or goods receipt is created for that name
  • Suppliers are now sorted alphabetically when adding to a tender
  • Added "Summary by Items" & "Summary by batch" tabs on Supplier invoice
  • Different printing styles and options available for supplier invoice & Inventory adjustment
  • Can choose a custom ordering (by drag and drop) of Item master Lists and then save the order, which is remember for future display of the list, including when added to Item Favourite Lists (both for display and printing).
  • Tender lines: can choose and save the order in which lines are displayed.
  • New report added for showing net delivery days on Purchase orders. (It is optimized for exporting to Excel)
  • Allowed Issuing Service Items from History on Customer invoice.
  • Added OK & Next button to patient input form.
  • Displays a warning note if denied medicine is prescribed to a patien on dispensary mode
  • Name field is replaced by ID field from Log table
  • Transaction search now respects different log-in modes
  • Speed up code for Customer Stock History while editing. 
  • Report format for "Stock on Date report" updated
  • Disallowed adding blank spaces on Name Code & Name charge code(running this version will automatically update any existing codes with spaces, replacing them with an underscore character).
Bug Fixes
  • Quotation summary: correct window title is now shown.
  • In Preferences > Item, the “Income Account when Selling” field now dis-
    plays accurately.
  • Items > New item: customers for Non-stock items are cleared on the fly.
  • Column headings no longer out of line on Purchase Orders > Item > ledger.
  • Days out of stock report opens smoothly in Excel.
  • Item Ledger Report respects input date.
  • Imprest quantity editable on Item Master List.
  • Name record for General store is correctly created.
  • Non-stock items (NSIs) on purchase orders: they no longer (wrongly) show the total for all NSIs in the "on backorder" and "on order" columns
  • Respects both active and inative Web messages
  • Import window now correctly exits if Item Import is cancelled
  • In Dispensary mode, single warning was not printing if Priority box was unchecked under Item details > Misc.
  • Customer invoices : if you are editing an inv. then click the "new name" button then cancel- restore the previous name

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