Version History

v2.03r1 (28th July 2009)

mSupply V2.03r1 contains a major bug fix. If you are using mSupply v203 or older, then it is wise to upgrade.


  • While modifying a issued item line, if the batch happens to be in locked by another user or the same user (in a different window), the issued lines then links up to a different item. This causes ledger problems.
  • Supplier payment window : Clicking on the "Re-calculate" button modified the "Extra charge" field, making the allocated figure wrong.
  • Budget period window > Budget Vs Expense calculation icon : The actual figure was including inventory adjustments. This caused a false "remaining budget" value.
  • Runtime error while running “Item ledger - items showing each transaction” report now fixed.
  • Transaction report causing mSupply Client application to crash now resolved.
  • Dynamic notes adjustment now functions with both name and item notes.
  • In Dispensary mode, “When to display” options for patient name notes now lists correct options - i.e. “none” and “new prescription’


  • Updating of Item notes icon on item issue window : Took out a for loop that was unnecessarily looping through all the items in the invoice. User's won't notice any changes, but the speed has increased (maybe by a millisecond ;-)  ).
  • Customer invoice printing - item units now diplayed inquantity column.
  • Permission to add/edit users moved to “General” tab; and disabled for user levels 1 & 2.


  • Field to choose speed of internet connection and display appropriate web interface.
  • 2 pairs of user defined fields (4 in total) now included on invoices; must be set in Preferences.
  • When importing/exporting invoice(s), above user defined fields now included.
  • Management summary now displays total for top 10 items.
    Supplier menu item added, allowing all outstanding lines on Purchase orders to be displayed.


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