Version History

v2b1 (1st Feb 2008)

New Features

  • Multiple store management. When you log into mSupply you can choose a store. Until you log into a different store mSupply will only show you the transactions, stock and report results related to the current store. You can also log in as "supervisor mode" and report on stock and transactions across all stores.
  • Patient information recording: you can now specify tests and values and then keep a record of results of these values for each patient. This enables mSupply to be used in simple clinic situations.
  • Inter store transfers
  • Handy calculator for days stock required.
  • Duplication of multiple customer or supplier invoices
  • French version completed (almost!)
  • Purchase orders can now have split deliveries of a line or lines
  • Automatic order calculations take into account forward commitments due to existing split delivery requests
  • Non-stock items can now be excluded from most reports
  • Start of year stock can now be set retrospectively

Bug fixes

  • Close box now works for item and invoice windows!