Version History

v2r3 (7 November 2008)


  • Added a lock icon to names charge code. Now the charge code only changes to the name code when modified and if synchronization has been set File > Preferences.. .
  • Added "Moneyworks" section on customer and supplier invoices. This shows the status of of the invoices inside Moneyworks accounting software once mSupply has carried out an export.
  • Inner and Outer packsize added to goods received (only shows if tunred on in preferences).
  • New invoice printing layout which prints a summary of items issued. Shows cost price for a single unit of a item that is contained in a packsize.
  • Export list of Transactions : The transaction category is now displayed as a column. May prove useful when exporting invoices to Moneyworks. Finalize button on the same window : This issues a batch number so that the invoice will not re-appear for Moneyworks export purposes.
  • Introduced a "History" icon to customer invoice in store mode. Users can now see previous issues to a customer.
  • Items > printing stock movement report : Handled re-packs and builds better in the report.
  • Purchase Order > New line button : Changed the way the "OK & Next" process is handled.
  • Excel location : added extra locations of more recent excel versions.
  • PDF location : mSupply also suggest potential location of Acrobat file readers.
  • Purchase order decimal preference : can add extra decimal places for viewing and rounding cost prices on purchase order lines.
  • New report :  Report > Purchase Orders... > Goods received Vs Order date - Show items : Aims to show what's been received from the supplier.
  • New Packing list, "Picking list summarized"  - This summarizes similar items, with same packsize, batch and location.
  • Added a price updater icon inside item detail form. The user selects stock lines and click the icon button to update prices.
  • mSupply now quits if the data file version is found to be newer than the installed application. We do not want clients downgrading versions if the datafile has been upgraded.

Bug fixes

  • Summary by items and summary by Batches for customer invoices : Code revised to speed up the calculation.
  • Backorder, History and Repeat icon : Now not displayed on Customer credit invoices. This is to reduce the possibility of ledger problems from occurring. Also fixed a potential issue which changed the focus of the transaction when viewing historic data.
  • A internal web function will only run if Webserver is enabled. This speeds up client and single user application.
  • Fixed two re-pack issues. The calculated sell price was wrong. A margin of 10% was being added.
  • Goods receiving : Bug fix , Changing name and cancelling on the change did not delete received lines. The new supplier when entered ended up supplying items that wasn't ordered.


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