Version History

v2r4 (28 November 2008)


  • Pack to one checkbox for each item: is now set per store
  • Transferring stock between stores now takes into account the pack to one setting for each item in the receiving store
  • OK button in log in window now alerts a user who tries to log in but doesn't have rights for any store 
  • New Preference to expand abbreviations in address fields for patients. Eg if most of your patients live either in Fredsville or Marysville, make abbrevations "fv" and "mv" and they will be expanded automatically.
  • Added preference to enter a prefix for printing before Purchase Order number
  • control-M now works modify button on item list, and the up and down arrow keys also work.
  • Double-Click purchase orders on item detail view to view the purchase order
  • Button to re-lookup sell price for item lines (allowing you to quickly reset sell prices after changing an item's margin or sell price
  • Added delivery method the the purchase order view list (per user customize list option must be set to see it)
  • Transaction filters are go- a pop-up list gives access to transactions entered today, yesterday, by current user, suggested and new, etc...
  • There is now a way to print pick lists even after an invoice is confirmed or finalized: holding down  "alt" (or "option" on Mac) will re-pirnt the pick list.


  •  mSupply now quits, if the database version is newer than the application.
  • Custom printing for use in Kiribati
  • Report > Suggest order quantities: changed calculate date button to be the same as for new purchase order 
  • Purchases Orders list > duplicate button: now confirms before duplicating
  • Took out rounding for invoice calculation. Supplier invoices are not rounded, where as customer invoices are.
  • Printing invoices, We used to try and predict the number of pages, this has now been taken off...
  • Purchase Orders don't need to have a supplier specified until they are confirmed.

Bug Fixes

  • Purchase orders: the list of lines was not updating properly after adding a new line.
  • If a default store is not set for a user at login, the first available store is now chosen
  • Receipt history listbox on purchase order lines display was missing horizontal scroll bar 
  • Transaction reports: filtering by item location wasn't working correctly
  • Decimal point preference was not working when printing purchase orders
  • Report > Transactions > item line grouped by name wasn't working
  • Items > show items had the permission for edit item names/codes/unit
  • Transaction report now correctly remembers last report used
  • Window for add line on inventory adjustments was labelled "add supplier invoice line" 
  • Window for history for customer window title was "Patient History"
  • Removed double alerts that were happening for closing purchase orders with cancel 
  • Close box for POs and Customer invoices now works the OK button most of the time, except when nothing has been added, when it is the equivalent of deleting the record.
  • When a new line was added to a purchase order, the location key was not being set or saved
  • Choosing customer for non-stock items was finding patients as well as customers 
  • Changing tabs when entering a new user wasn't remembering log-on modes that were chosen.
  • Button for show items on Navigator had wrong user permission attached
  • It was possible to enter a quote but leave the supplier blank: not now
  • On finalised purchase orders > the name is now not changeable- Oops!
  • Packing slip with Medair customized version, the weight calculation was wrong
  • import item and stock: the default location was not being set if a new item was created.
  • Details on page 2 of a purchase order (Details) doesn't print and gets wiped out if you do print.
  • Fixed an "undefined set" error  encountered when attempting to calculate stock on hand for items when displying backorders, purchase order lines and customer stock history or imprest form.

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