Version History

v2r5 (8th December 2008)


mSupply v2r4 users: please upgrade immediately. If you are using v2r3 or lower then it is advisable to upgrade.


  • Purchase orders : Now able to save a suggested purchase order without a supplier name. For confirmed and finalized status orders, a supplier name is needed.


  •  Report > Suggest order quantities and Supplier > New purchase order : New ordering logic with respect to handling backorders from customers: where the current stock or past ordered quantities is used to full-fill backorder quantities.

Bug Fixes

  • Report > Management report : fix string length error
  • Goods receiving module : Fixed a issue that was present in v2r4. The store id was lost when viewing a old goods received form, causing subsequent supplier invoice and corresponding stock to not be displayed.
  • Transaction list : Finalise icon button. Stock transfer invoices are no longer finalised with this button (they are ignored). The user has to individually finalize stock.
  • File > Preferences.... > Register button and clicking OK. The Preference widow went behind.
  • Fixed the window label on item issue window

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