Version History

v3.01 (5th April 2010)

H4. Only released to the unlucky few. Not for consumption by those without a hardy constitution.


  • Tenders: when setting LAST PO to SG, also offer to set tender status to “FN”
  • Tenders > Master conditions list tab: add category column
  • Navigator: Add button for “Show Stocktakes”
  • Tenders: add new tab to File > Preferences to store defaults for tender letters
  • Tenders list: add a show menu
  • Tenders: add field to quotes.validty_date
  • Item master lists: ability to copy a list to clipboard
  • Customer Stock History: Add colours to Customer Stock History lines
  • Stock take module: minor changes (created invads: set comment and category
  • Add drill-down for supplier & customer invoices for names, and for item issue/receive window for items
  • Benchmark suppliers: you can make a notional supplier called a benchmark supplier and have them
  • Purchase order lines > Goods Receipts tab: add “date” column
  • Documents: make the download button have a submenu with “Download / Download and Open
  • Item master lists: Add column for units
  • Stocktakes: Find button should find on item code as well as name
  • Names input: add a tab for customer stock histories
  • Tender output > Master condiitons List tab : Added a category Drop-down list so can view just one category
  • Customer or supplier invoices : search window, we added an option to search by Hold is “true” or “false”
  • Merge patients: add button to choose patient window
  • Web interface: can enter items using a barcode scanner.
  • Weights on customer invoices. Add a weight field to trans_lines, and copy across the weight data from item
  • Items input > ledger tab: improved show menu to show inventory adjustments and repacks separately.

HIS stuff

  • HIS- Log all the encounter events – Log Creation /Deletion of encounters; Log Location movement; Log Disease encounter
  • Patient > Manage encounter : The window containing active encounters. Added a date filter
  • HIS Encounter: right hand listbox column says date end – should have been “time end”.
  • HIS- while viewing log entries without using any filter no log records were displayed.
  • HIS- Do not allow deleting Encounter disease if the patient’s status is discharged.
  • HIS- Report- Hide date filter for Currently Admitted Patient report.


  • Stocktakes: use of the delete button (input form) was dangerous
  • Items: Importing new units : mSupply does not get updated and we got a array range error.
  • Customer Invoice: could confirm it without entering any name
  • Currencies window could go to back & get stuck there
  • Fixed erroneous alert warning re expiry date when creating customer invoice
  • Dispensary form window : Patient label was wrong
  • Patients, dispensary mode- the esc key was not working to close window
  • Label printing: first fist line warning message now wrapping correctly.
  • Stocktakes- input window cut off the quantity
  • Supplier code was not printing on purchase orders properly
  • Adding new patient: if required fields are on another tab, after showing alert should return user to correct tab
  • Oustanding Purchase Orders days to EDD column was displaying wrongly
  • Transactions: output- the finalise button was bringing up an alert only at the end if the user didn’t have permission to finalise.
  • Goods Received: Input window: the supplier invoice lhot link wsn’t working
  • Names: input > invoices tab: the columns showing currency amounts weren’t formatted properly
  • Documents: user permissions had “download” twice for each category
  • Items input > Ledger: – default showed all, not this year. Queries were on confirm dates, so don’t find sg status invoices.
  • Item ledger reports are including placeholder lines on confirmed invoices, which were stuffing up the calcs.
  • Stocktakes: fixed logic failure in create inventory adjustments button (line 188)
  • Transactions list: if you clicked on something like “all new & sg” or “this month” it stil only showed most recent 15, not all.
  • Items > input > stock tab > item line input > vvm tab > add record : window was not modal.
  • Printing purchase orders- printing was not good if “show long description” was checked.
  • Tenders list: was sometimes blank after editing a single tender.
  • Tenders: creating a PO using distribute quantities evenly” method wasn’t working.
  • Purchase orders: there was a problem with supplier name not being remembered for exisiting POs when they are opened
  • Names: it was possible to delete a name who had a related Purchase order.
  • Merge and Add Patient buttons were disabled in dispensary mode.

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