Version History

v3.02 (24th May 2010)

New Features

  • Reminders: add repeats every X days or every X weeks options, and allow entry of day of month for monthly repeats
  • Reminders: add colours to reminders
  • Reminders: add a date completed field and show in list
  • Add field to lock a stock take.
  • Add Cash payments icon to supplier tab of navigator
  • SSL: get mSupply web serving working with SSL
  • New preference: print backorder list on invoices
  • Item lines: automatic consolidation of lines with same batch/pack/ and shelf location
  • Tenders: reinstitute auto-split of tenders where the currency is mixed on the quote
  • Tenders: ability to print acceptance letters from Tenders without confirming the PO
  • Tenders: Create a new preference to Print tender condition after printing acceptance letter
  • Tenders: add suggested/ confirmed on tender “show” menu
  • Tenders: Warn while finalizing tender if there are no Purchase orders associated with that tender that aren’t processed yet.
  • Tenders: add an “Open PO” button to “purchase order” tab
  • Stocktakes: new report for doing stocktake that doesn’t show snapshot quantity (so you force the staff to line ‘em up and count ‘em down)
  • Stocktakes: when entering a new item, show previously received batches and allow the user to fill in the fields by highlighting a previously received batch.
  • Purchase Orders: Splitting due to different suppliers or currencies is a little more graceful.
  • Oustanding Purchase Orders window: Add toolbar with find field (by supplier, item, days to Expected Delivery Date.
  • Oustanding Purchase Orders window: add double-click line to show PO
  • When a user logs in, store who logged in from that machine, and automatically choose that user again next time someone logs in from the same machine.
  • Merge now shows a bit more info (how many trans, date of last trans?) in the keep/delete window
  • Navigator: add an Oustanding Purchase Orders button
  • Supplier invoice: Delete line button- allow deletion of multiple highlighted records
  • Purchase Orders: Expected Delivery Date (EDD) – add a preference (FIle > Prefs) to make EDD compulsory for POs
  • Items input > ledger > Show drop-down list: add “Status = Suggested” and “Status = New” & “Status = sg or nw”
  • Backorders: better handling of items with less stock on hand than you owe the customer (when adding a backordered line to an invoice)

HIS Features and bugs

  • Add facility to handle births
  • Location move/discharge date is now editable (du-oh!)
  • Encounter location start date was always set to current date
  • Couldn’t change title from Mr for HIS patient
  • Create new database : The user is now able to log in to HIS mode by default
  • Disallow creating names record for “HIS” store
  • Was not assigning title when saving new patient in HIS
  • Discharge status- can now add when discharging.
  • Marital status & blood group were being not saved
  • Relative type was not being saved for next of kin

Bug fixes

  • If a name’s code and charge code were set to match, you weren’t able to modify them
  • Item Ledger Reports: round quantities and costs to 2 decimal places and apply currency formats; Print header in multiple rows
  • Item Ledger Reports: sometimes Inventory adjustment column was showing wrong value
  • Items > Input > Stock tab: after editing an item line the list wasn’t updated.
  • Report > manager : Updating reports over a client wasn’t user friendly
  • Navigator: former navigator window did not close while switching or changing user
  • Customer Backorder tab: Print button was not working properly. Only printing the last selected Backorder
  • Location management: When deleting a shelf location, the message didn’t give enough info about what “in use” means
  • Stock take: Deleteing stock take lines from stock take output wouldn’t delete item lines for manually inserted items
  • Dispensary prescription entry: Was showing an error while pressing OK. Due to colour field
  • Item list: Double clicking on a empty line opened non-stock item
  • Stocktake : stocktake sheets printing (w & w/out qtys): 1st sort is location, 2nd sort should be item name
  • Documents: Before downloading, there weren’t checks done to make sure folder and document exist

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