Version History

v3.03 (19th Jan 2011)

New Features

  • Synchronisation of remote stores: You can now have a central mSupply server that receives transaction and stock data from any number of remote mSupply sites. This allows centralised management of stock and orders. [2540, 2541, 2543]
  • Web based reporting. You can now connect to mSupply with a web browser and run reports. There is a full permissions system to define which users can run which reports.
  • New EXTjs based web interface for customers.
  • Remote tender module
    • After creating a tender it can be uploaded to a web site
    • Suppliers can log into this web site (securely) to submit prices
    • Once the tender closes, mSupply downloads the submitted prices and adjusts them for pack size and currency, and presents them to the user, highlighting the cheapest bid.
  • Supplier quotes store the currency rate, so that finalised tender quotes aren’t updated by currency rate changes
  • Several custom reports for Solomon Islands [1921] and Kiribati [2722], Tonga [2443] and Nigeria [2918, 2881]
  • Improvements to printing of outstanding purchase order lines
  • Supervisor mode:
    • Improvements when logging in in multi-store setups [1842]
    • Improved selecting of stores to report on [2956]
  • Lots of new user preferences to split out ability to view from ability to edit transactions [2974, 2975, 1895]
  • You can now set the name category for a store, so store transfers show up correctly in transaction reports that use the name category to report by. [2803]
  • Display and editing of item, transaction and name lists is improved
    • to edit a highlighted entry, press the or key.
    • to close a window:
      • Press esc
      • or: Type Control + W (windows) or Command + W (Mac)
      • or: Click the close box
  • Backorders: when a backordered item is received from a supplier, mSupply can now automatically create the customer invoice(s) for the item(s) and reduce the backordered quantity accordingly [1689]
  • Reminders: you can now set repeating todo items better, and get a preview of future dates that the item will repeat on. [1686]
  • Reporting methods available to extract data from custom data entries.
  • Transactions can now be found by the their_ref and Goods received by the supplier reference. [2458]
  • Up to 100 times speed up in opening the customer stock history window. (And very sorry for letting it get slow). [2907]
  • A store can be disabled to stop users logging in to it. [2870]
  • Transaction list now displays highlighted/selected/total count [2677]
  • Logging of taking a batch off hold [2713] and who confirmed an invoice [2716]
  • Transaction reports: 3 new generic reports that can be edited for your own use [1908]
  • Quote lines can now include a the expiry date of the item being offered [2193]
  • Tenders now allow you to compare prices to a benchmark price [1909]

Bug fixes

  • Applying currency updates : only works on quotes linked to tenders
  • Improvements to updating quote lines when currencies change
  • Import items and stock handles lines where you forgot to enter a pack size
  • Import items and stock uses the original item name for the transaction line created when a duplicate item is imported [2890]
  • Items > Show items and stock now shows stock on hand correctly [2894]
  • Double-click a location no longer copies the SQL statement to the clipboard (oops!) [2892]
  • Importing items and stock fills out location code as well as description [2893]
  • Creating a new data file on Mac now applies the required extension [2516]
  • Date chooser for reports could in some cases miscalculate a start date [1977]
  • Adding a new currency could give an error message [2967]
  • Fixes to SVG drawing of warehouse locations [2818, 3006]
  • After viewing a supplier the sort order of the list was changed [2786]
  • Web interface: Deleting a stocktake no longer lists stocktakes from other customers. [3036]
  • Transaction category is now disabled on finalised invoices. [3042]
  • Deleting a warning no longer gives an error message. [3022]
  • Tenders: when printing an invitation letter, clicking “no” on the offer to fill in the date mean nothing was printed [2761]
  • Tenders: Deleting a PO from the Purchase orders tab now works correctly. [3023]
  • Tenders: The confirm message when printing acceptance letters still printed if you clicked the cancel button. [3025]
  • Purchase Orders: Some fields were hidden on finalised POs [3055]
  • Web interface: the stocktake list wasn’t sorted correctly [2361]
  • Quotes: Freight factor is now 1 by default [2409]
  • Purchase orders: when creating a new PO it wasn’t possible to set the target days higher than 730 [2769]
  • Items > Dispensing tab: After editing a shortcut, the direction field was blank. [2723]
  • Some lists were showing with all records highlighted [2844]
  • It was possible to delete your own user name if you hadn’t entered any transactions. [2564]
  • Names: after doing a complex find, it was possible to view some reserved names. [3016]

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