Version History

v304 (20 May 2011)

New Features


  • Pick lists now use the new PagePro© plugin that allows very easy customisation of forms and reports.
  • Donors can be tracked for incoming goods as well as suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Log view allows easy choice list to view a particular event type.
  • Items and names can be hidden from searches that add them to a transaction by starting their code with a tilde (~)
  • User log-in can now authenticate against an LDAP server.
  • A names location can be shown on google© maps in an mSupply window.
  • A badge identifies the repeats button on an prescription entry window when the user has available repeats.
  • A new user permission “allowed to modify transaction categories on finalised invoices”
  • When entering a new patient you can enter their age as “3/12” for 3 months, or “6m” for 6 months old.


  • mSupply now takes input in months rather than days for stock required, cover, lead time, etc.
  • Reporting is also changed over to use months cover rather than days cover.
  • Display of stock history and purchase orders is much faster.

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