Version History

v304r1 (16 June 2011)

mSupply v304r1 contains some critical changes which will make mSupply more robust.

It includes changes that protect against data integrity issues which were caused as a result of a poor networking environment.

We recommend all mSupply users upgrade to this version.

New Features

Item import MYOB export

  • Tender reference number : now displayed on linked purchase orders, goods receipt and supplier invoices. [3497]
  • PagePro© printing : Now able to choose printer. [3488]
  • New field [name_stock_history]Ordered_date and [transaction]Ordered_date added. Designed to track the time taken to serve customers. [3508]
  • Now able to export invoices to MYOB. [3503]
  • File > Import names : Added two extra columns to the names import : Category 2 and category 3. [3473]
  • File > Import item and Stock : Added the option to update stock and not the item when importing batches. [3472]
  • File > Import items : added extra columns to the import : Critical, Normal, User_field_5 to User_field_7. [3470]

Bug fixes

  • Export of supplier invoice to Moneyworks : was using income accounts instead of expense. [3495]
  • Report > Item usage : The header column was misleading. The labels were not complete. [3467]
  • File > Preferences > Registration : was missing the edit/Copy/paste menu.3466
  • Report > Stock on date : showed a array range error due to the introduction of donor tracking if received items. [3506]
  • Build invoice : OK button : Improved coding to survive poor networking infrastructure. [3536]
  • Customer invoice : OK button : Improved coding to survive poor networking infrastructure. [3537]
  • Customer invoice : Confirm icon : Improved coding to survive poor networking infrastructure. [3538]
  • Suggested order report and purchase ordering : When expected delivery date is in advance, backorder quantity were not considered. [3591]


  • PagePro© standard picking slip printout : More space give to print item names. [3544]
  • File > Show Current users… Removed this menu as the information now is already shown in the navigator. [3545]

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