Version History

v3.1 (31 May 2012)

mSupply v3.1 has almost a year of hard work gone into it, and contains almost 500 changes and fixes.

New Features

  • Box that!
    Box that!

  • What's Fuzzy?
    What's Fuzzy?

  • Cash payments:
    • can now be made in currency of the supplier invoice [3788]
  • Stocktake
    • New web application to allow stocktakes to be entered on a mobile device from the warehouse floor. [3857]
    • Can now search a stocktake for particular item/location/batch with a quick find field. [3625]
  • Shipping:
    • you can now set up a custom list of boxes, and assign stock issued on a customer invoice to a box, or split a single batch across multiple boxes [3094] Box management in the user guide
    • Add ability to manually distribute extra costs e.g. shipping [3751]
  • Customers and Suppliers
    • Fuzzy find. (You didn’t know that losing fuzzies was such a problem?). Fuzzy find allows you to search for “Fred Smith” and also find “Freddie Smit” and other misspellings that your fellow workers might have made. Very cool. [3298]
    • now have 3 user definable category lists [4466]
    • name categories have 2 user fields [4007]
  • Preferences
    • The labels for customer and supplier category lists and fields are user definable in the preferences [4466]
    • The field label for transaction user fields can now be set
    • Patient/Customer/Supplier visibility can now be controlled on a per-store basis [2599]
    • Merging 2 Customers/Patients now shows a progress bar in case it takes a while [4057]
    • The customer/supplier/patient list now has customisable columns, remembered on a per-user basis. Nice. [2376]
  • Virtual stores
    • Each store can have it’s own logo [3715]
    • Each store can have it’s own organisation name. [3644]
    • Names get a new tab to show which store that name is visible in [3895]
  • Quick find button for Donors when viewing names [3972]
  • Stocktakes:
    • Batch and expiry date can be edited “on the fly” when doing stocktakes [4109]
    • Can now set the date to a previous date [3634]
  • Show items with stock window now has batch and expiry columns.4108
  • Tenders:
    • A report has been added to predict cost of tender in advance of receiving quotations [3643]
    • Supplier list includes a column to show if the supplier is linked to the master list on [4039]
    • Tenders now show the original cost in local currency as well as the supplier’s currency, meaning you can quickly see the total local cost of a tender. [4040]
    • Suppliers now have the name of the linked supplier on remembered, so you can easily pick up mistakes in linking. [3903]
    • master condition lists can be printed [2692]
  • Invoices
    • New fields for date order written and date order received, and new preference to make entering of ordered date and received date compulsory when entering invoices [3961,3553]
    • Web orders now allow users to enter a comment with each line [3336]
    • When issuing goods there is a new field that allows you to enter the total quantity required and mSupply will distribute that quantity over available batches and pack sizes [4223]
  • Contacts can be set when printing customer invoices (so the person on the client end responsible for the order is identified on the invoice. [4297]
    • New preference to not print placeholder lines on invoices [3900]
    • New preference to show status “nw” invoices created by a user when they log in. [3667]
  • Dispensing:
    • can turn off the printing of organisation name (for example, when using labels with your name pre-printed on them. [4058]
    • can print labels for the highlighted lines when viewing an existing prescription. [4056]
    • Preference to print patient code on dispensing label. [3649]
  • Reports
    • Stock on date report new option to show only batches with stock. [3750]
    • Stock on date report shows expiry column when showing each batch. [3744]
    • Multiple reports can be combined into a single chain report, allowing a single PDF to be created [4302]
    • Transaction reporting now handles donor transactions [4167]
    • Date quick chooser now includes the last 3 years after “last year” [3991]
  • Purchase Orders
    • 3 new fields: “Date contract signed”, “Date_advance payment” “Date goods received at port” [3962]
    • printed Purchase Orders are now customisable, and can be saved as PDF, emailed, printed [3682]
    • Columns in the Purchase Order list are customisable, and remembered on a per-user basis. [2576]
    • Allow 4 decimal places [4000]
  • Items
    • Merging items will show a progress bar if the item being merged had lots of related transactions [4055]
    • When an administrator is viewing an item, there is an extra tab that shows the items’ visibility in each store. [3892]
  • Other stuff
    • Automatic clean-up of the temp folder where reports are sent on their way to Excel or PDF. [4002, 4075]
    • Many more user permissions:
      • can edit name visibility. [3936]
      • can edit item visibility. [3937]
      • can perform backups in client/server mode [3875]
    • Viewing log: there is a drop-down list to quickly see all events of certain common event types. [3898]
    • Backup can happen to multiple secondary folders, so you can have one backup going to a network drive, and another to a folder that is then backed up to the internet [3469]
  • Emailing:
    • mSupply can now send emails directly over a secure (SSL) connection. Purchase Orders, Invoices, etc. [3866, 3681]
  • 4085

Bug fixes


  • Underlying database upgraded to 4D v12.3

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