Version History

v3.11 (18 September 2012)

New Features

  • Send a text message to mSupply! [4022]
    • If internet is a problem at your Aid Post or Health Centre you can now use the mobile phone network to communicate important medical stock information to your warehouse or Central Medical Store.
    • Text in your stock levels so that the main warehouse can send you the goods that you need. Especially helpful for remote Health Posts.
    • See this blog for more information:
    • Communicating with text messages is a feature we want to develop further, so please inform us of your feedback at:
  • Dispensary – Patient Medication Records (PMR) [4587]:
    • A patient medication record in mSupply is a record of items a patient is taking/using. The list is populated when an item of medicine is prescribed to the patient through mSupply.
    • PMR also contains information about when the medicines are taken. In this way the form becomes a “master list” of what the patient is taking, when to take each item, and other info such as potential side effects.
    • View the patient Medical Record by clicking Show Patients from the Navigator, selecting the patient and viewing the PMR tab of the Patient details form.
  • Dispensary – Printing: It is now possible to print prescriptions to an ordinary printer – not just to a label printer.
  • Items:
    • New fields to store item picture, standard instructions and purpose [4587]
  • Customers
    • You can now drag and drop a customer picture onto a customer record.
  • Remote Tender Module updates :
    • We have refined our Remote Tender Module so that bidding suppliers can work more easily with large quantities of tender items. [3753]
    • We have added the capability of uploading a list of tender items which is a great improvement over manual input of often hundreds of tender items. [3753]
  • Goods Received :
    • Printed Goods Receipt now has signature section at the bottom of print out.4868
  • Add a photo of your customers and suppliers!:
    • View the details of a customer or supplier and you will find a new tab ‘Photo’. From here ‘drag-and-drop’ a photo into the allocated space or use the ‘Add photo’ button. [4873]
  • Reporting:
    • Purchase Order Cash Flow Report: This report provides month-on-month analysis of projected expenditure per supplier. [4452]
    • Customer order tracking: This report gives details of the speed at which customer orders progress from being written, to received at the warehouse, to data entry, to being fulfilled. [4494]
  • Tooltips:
    • Added to Customer and Supplier invoices and Patient Medication Records. Move your mouse over any object and a helpful description will appear. [4188] [4852]
  • Organisation addresses now benefit from 5 address lines and a zip/postal code. [4766]

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Supplier Invoices – Total FC Charges now updates properly. [4846]
  • Fixed: Cash Payments: finalise button on transactions output toolbar now sets outstanding amount to correct value. [4845]
  • Fixed: Dragging items in a Master List. Dragging now fixed so Sort Order can be saved. [4692]
  • Fixed: Tenders – When inputting a tender the ‘Search Items’ box now works properly. [4647]
  • Fixed: Custom fields are now properly formatted on the Purchase Order form. [4828]
  • Fixed: Supplier Invoice, corrected inaccurate distribution of local charges [4896].
  • Fixed: No longer possible to finalise an ‘on hold’ invoice of any type [4924].
  • Fixed: Can now finalise Stock Transfer from the Transactions window [4920].
  • Fixed: Supplier Invoice reports now display correct location code fo an item [4907].


  • Removed ‘Send Email’ button from Admin tab of Navigator [4844].
  • Various Usr Interface enhancements and refinements [4903] [4919] [4921] [4929].
  • 150 issues that we don’t want to list here!

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