Version History

mSupply v3.6 (2016-09-23)

New Features

Major features

  • A mobile app!
  • mSupply mobile is an Android app that works on a tablet, even when there’s no internet.
  • when Internet is available, it synchronises it’s data with an mSupply server.
  • Read all about it here
  • A new dashboard
  • Our new dashboard allows display of charts, lists, maps- almost anything. It can be customised for each user.
  • Other areas
  • Stocktake display- added an OK & Next button [7891]
  • Stocktakes can now be created for the stock belonging to a particular donor [7856]
  • Stock on hand is now a default column for item lists (rather than having to add it in the window configuration for each user [7811]
  • Stocktakes: Adding a new line has been simplified. It can add the average price paid for a new line if the price is not known. [5597]
  • Dispensing: Detect attempts to add a duplicate patient code [6351]
  • Allow import of heirarchical item & name categories [7795]
  • Patient history: the directions for each item are now shown in the list [5350]
  • Synchronisation: stock transfer receipt notifications can now sync back to the sending site [7634]
  • You can now filter the Item list when choosing Items to add to a Goods Receipt (from a Purchase Order) [5420]
  • You can print Miscellaneous labels 2-up or 4-up [5946]
  • The log records the number of connected users each time a user logs in [7892]
  • Tenders- the total value of a supplier’s bids are shown in a new column. You can use this when tendering by lot rather than by line [7878]

Bug fixes

  • Store tags allowing stores to be categorised across multiple schemas for reporting [6983]