Version History

mSupply v3.7 (2017-01-09)

New Features

Major features

  • A new dashboard report that gives a history of stock availability in a store over the last X months.
  • A new interface for entering Request and requisition forms that then synchronise to a cental server (This feature is only available on request- contact us for a demo)
  • Cross-tab transaction reports are now sent directly to Excel- this speeds up generation about 10 times, and allows for more than the previous limit of 100 columns
  • Synchronisation information per-site is available from the “about” window [8081]
  • Tenders now show a tender serial number, that allows sequential tracking of tenders [7848]
  • Item visibility across multiple stores can now be controlled by master lists. See here

mSupply mobile features

  • Now localised so can easily be ported to different languages. Currently available in English and Tetum- let us know if you’d like it in your language.

Bug fixes

  • Numbers in Excel reports are formatted as numbers [8028]
  • Log list : The default 4D query form doubles up on the [log] to show [log][log]event [8011]
  • Primary backup time setup fails after first backup is done. [8196]
  • Transaction category filter improvements [8047]
  • Dashboard base url is now set correctly [8015]
  • Logging of new invoice creation is now recorded correctly [8198]
  • In some instances the normal menu bar would be replaced with a shortened one [5108]
  • We now disallow creating an internal requisition if the supplying store doesn’t “know” about the receiving store [8173]
  • Log options that were controlled by preferences weren’t being respected. [8107]
  • The “all on” user preference option didn’t work for the two new requisition permissions [8077]
  • The File > Preference > OK button: Always asked user to set the email address for frontline SMs [8071]
  • File > preference > Dashboard tabs > Double clicking on empty area of the list opened up a new window [8010]
  • Hidden characters could affect some report layouts [8132]
  • Item usage report : The options “exclude transfers” were not working on a single store or across multiple stores. [7962]