Version History

v3.8 (26 June, 2017)

New Features

Major features

  • RSCS: Customers available for selection must respect visibility in the logged-in store [8119]
  • RSCS: HFSR form input form should display items in master list order, not alphabetical order [8116]
  • RSCS: add ability to “sync” requisition reports [8064]
  • Improve Pagepro to Excel export to handle row height, wrap, column width [8027]
  • RSCS: new development for Myanmar involving new requisition type [8000]
  • User permissions: can now copy permissions from one store to another [6693]
  • A quick report type method is needed to expose the sync type of the store. [8232]
  • Myanmar is keen on being able to track remote site activity. Let’s see if the Axios report serves the purpose. [8075]
  • Requistions, Items, Names, Transaction_categories: added a custom data field [8031]
  • Automatic log-off of inactive users [1654]

Bug fixes

  • User permissions windows takes a long time to load (> 25 seconds) [8140]
  • PNG – Vanimo : reports were found to be missing when off-line sync record was created. [7988]
  • Elmis : Preference > Elmis > Scan now : It is possible to double click and create duplicate purchase orders. [8048]
  • File > Prefs > Printing > the print order radio buttons can both be selected (see pic) [8268]
  • Good Receive form printout fails when we have NON stock items that over – laps a page…. [8277]
  • MSupply Crashes when Help>About 4D accessed [7926]
  • Stock take > reduced stock : Trans line type is set to “stock_in” when it should be set as “stock_out”…. [8204]
  • Finalising the good received- creating SI – throws an error on method : Trans_calc_total [8214]
  • Switching Store or Changing users allows with active windows open, allowing data to be assigned to the wrong store [8215]
  • Laos : Two report template : laos_provhospt_by_batch and laos_disthospt_by_batch showed sell price as zero even with valid data [8178]
  • Resource :17005,58 – message for how to register mSupply- remove the angle brackets in the resource from the email address [8051]
  • MYOB export: doesn’t filter by customer/supplier invoices [7964]
  • Centrally managed purchase order for Sync : The order number from the collector store is too low….. [7958]
  • Some problems with syncing store prefs [7951]
  • Possible to accidentally sync with live primary server from backup data file [7887]
  • White space at the end of report names will cause them to fail to load in dashboard [8019]
  • Dashboard base url still refers to FrontlineSMS database [8015]
  • National Quarterly report : MyintZu said: When non-combined some of the items values are incorrect… [8202]
  • Invoice log: Creating a new invoice (CI/SI) : Created a log with “edit invoice”…. [8198]
  • Myanmar custom Report: National quarterly report needs to remove all the batches line whose quantity is equal to 0… [8199]
  • Custom menus disappear until another navigator icon is clicked [5108]
  • Requisition permissions are duplicated and “all on” doesn’t work for the two new requisition permissions [8077]
  • RSCS – regions should be level_1 name categories, not level_2 [8089]
  • RSCS: should use township store name’s supplying store rather than customer’s [8101]
  • RSCS: A requisition on the server is editable [8149]
  • RSCS : Item status report shows the hidden facility name on report. [8151]
  • RSCS, Average consumption per township report: Make it export to Excel only [8130]
  • Running RSCS reports (Consumption, Average Consumption and Monthly stock) gives an error. [8141]
  • RSCS: Custom preference for monthly/quarterly reporting period must sync to satellites [8124]
  • RSCS, requisition.input_report form: negative values must not be allowed in any enterable columns except Losses/adjustments [8129]
  • RSCS : Reporting period : Not able to change from quaterly to Monthly due to checkbox not being grouped [8109]
  • RSCS, Consumption report per facility: Alternate months figures seem to be wrong [8121]
  • RSCS, Item status report per facility: Nr. of months stock on last line of report is wrong [8122]
  • RSCS, Consumption reports: Something wrong with the average and adjusted average calculations [8120]
  • RSCS: Report label wrong [8117]
  • RSCS, All reports: “Sample X-X” text should be removed from all reports [8113]
  • RSCS: Stock status reports: problems with values produced in report [8118]
  • File > Preference > OK button: Always asked user to set the email address for frontline SMs [8071]
  • RSCS reports: Running RSCS : Consumption reports ( C – type) generate an error.. [8083]
  • RSCS: Can’t save preferences – get Frontline message about “no users selected to receive error messages” [8066]
  • RSCS: problems viewing HFSR reports [8056]
  • File > preference > Dashboard tabs > Double clicking on empty listbox opens up an input window – should do nothing ! [8010]


  • Footrunner- replace with 4DCode for our own admin window then remove Footrunner plugin from our master [8052]
  • Sync: improvements when generating new sync site data file [8127]
  • Delete sync_out records for site before initial_dump [8069]
  • RSCS Consumption Report: Remove Sample from pagepro [8108]
  • RSCS: Only RSCS Master lists should be available in RSCS report options [8111]
  • Write a version update code to fix the wrong type for reduced transaction… [8208]
  • Dashboard methods: Make sure it always expect 2 parameter… [8197]
  • RSCS, LMIS reports submission and processing time per facility report: Reporting period text is wrong [8146]
  • RSCS : Item status report doesn’t show the last column values. [8144]
  • RSCS: Titles of Nr. HFSR forms reports are not quite right [8145]
  • Customer invoice: The “Internal requisition” text is truncated and Goods received ID link has a typo [7784]

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