Version History

v3.82 (29 July, 2017)

New Features

  • Transaction list: Printing the list now respects the columns displayed and exports directly to Excel (Hey, printing from Excel has it’s advantages). [8471]
  • New “Can view stock” user permission. [8179]
  • Universal drug codes are now go in mSupply.
    • There’s a field in mSupply to lookup a universal code
    • Universal codes are being used to match items for sending to the fantastic site
  • Item “input” > Log tab – add “event type” column [8377]
  • Update dashboard to support side-scrolling on tables and improve labels on bar charts. [8490]
  • Log section in : Customer invoice, supplier invoice, purchase order, Good receive.. etc … add the “event type” column. [8180]
  • When adding a prescriber, the search is now on prescriber registration number as well as name and code. [8354]
  • Quick Report method to show the trans_line count for an item qr_get_trans_line_count_by_item [8475]
  • Dashboard > Ability to view the version of sync site’s… [8416]
  • Sync server : Allow general name details to changed for store names that are active on a satellite site. [8480]

Bug fixes

  • trans_line.weight was calculated wrongly from goods received. [8483]
  • Remote tender login details password field should be masked with **** . [8452]
  • Name input > Invoices tab: transaction wasn’t sorted by confirm date. [8414]
  • Fields for PO line were still editable in a confirmed PO (original pack size, units etc). [8457]
  • Popup calendar (to choose month/year) was broken if using DD-MMM-YYYY as system date format. [8463]
  • Goods Receipt- if authorisation is on, the SI created may have no detail lines. [8445]
  • Report > custom report, added a edit menu…. [8425]


  • Special > show Prescribers : The list now shows the registration code column [5237]
  • Remove use of “XLS” plugin native ooxml methods and replace with “XL” plugin [6842]
  • Internal data comparator compares sync records from the primary server store to its satellite site… [8491]
  • We now filter out “im” and “sh” requisitions for initial mobile sync. [8470]
  • Improved handling of stocktakes where there is not enough stock to make the adjustment that the user is requesting. [7997]
  • Excel location on the local machine is no longer required (the preference for this is removed), as the system default spreadsheet application for the file type being opened is used. [8357]

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