Version History

mSupply v4.02 (2019-02-07)

New Features

  • DHIS2 Integration
    • District Health Information System (v2) is the world standard for collating health data. mSupply is now able to send selected data to DHIS on a user-defined schedule.
    • Contact Sustainable Solutions for information on setting up DHIS2 integration.
  • Barcoding!

Bug Fixes

  • Report type requisition values weren’t able to be saved when sorting the a list column [2290, 2288]
  • Supplier invoice printing issues: logos were not printed on Summary Portrait & Summary Landscape forms, and the report printed over multiple lines [2331]
  • Editing Users: In certain situations the OK button was not saving certain details [2334,2336]
  • V400 server: The Rest API was failing to respond after a server re-start [2337]
  • Upgrade from v400 to v401: The User permission “Login…… as Desktop user” wasn’t enabled as an option [2259]
  • Requisition forms: failed to copy requisition custom data for stores whose store mode is of type “report” [2239, 2238]
  • Error in Report > Purchase Order > Ordered Item – ‘Price ext (local)’ column [2234]
  • Our automated build system wasn’t able to build v4.01 clients [2235]
  • Fixed an error while trying to make all names visible to a store through the store input > visibility tab [2174, 2175]
  • The store selection was lost when changing synchronisation tab sync types [2206]
  • Store list updated incorrectly after adding new store [2194]
  • Multi-store-Purchasing: Adding Purchase Order Lines threw an error [2157]
  • Purchase order lines (with location) disappeared after the PO was confirmed [2165]
  • `Expected delivery date` was disabled after a `Shelf location` field was assigned in the Purchase order lines window even when `Expected delivery date must be chosen` preference was turned on [2166]
  • Cross tab transactional quarterly reports produced an error [2161, 2160]
  • Preferences > Custom fields > setting “list” options for store wasn’t working [2146, 9169]
  • Label printing to USB only worked if printer name was called “ZDesignerEPL” [2143, 2144]
  • Newly added printer didn’t show up in printer list [2141,2142]
  • Placeholder lines could have sell price & price extension values greater than zero, which also generated incorrect transactional totals/subtotals [2352]
  • Supervisor Mode – Reports > Purchase Orders > expanded store list > clicking on a single store made all the stores disappear [2217]
  • Could save GR lines without location despite pref “Locations must be entered on goods receipt” [2420]
  • Remove Remote plugin SRPro Convert [2410, 2413]
  • mSupply registration could be wiped by client (should only be handled on server startup) [2406]
  • Kits: Bulk item rows were being merged – only need to merge Kit Ingredient rows [2289, 2277]
  • Custom quarterly report – fixed issues managing batches [2173, 2178]
  • Custom form – issue experienced when printing Supplier Invoice (SI) using unpacking SI form [2177, 2176]
  • Requisiton Report wasn’t showing region or township [2328]

Plus minor bug fixes


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