Version History

v1.42 (28th March 2002)


  • Supplier invoices and customer invoices now have a delete line button that will delete any line from an invoice (except finalized invoices, of course)
  • Emails can now be stored in mailboxes, as well as being attached to suppliers or customers.
  • Supplier invoices and Customer invoice windows now grow when the corner is dragged to show more lines. They also √íremember√ì their position when a window is opened again on the same session.
  • A new report has been included: √íItem slow movers√ì. This report lists items with more than a specified number of months stock on hand, which is very useful for managing inventories by allowing action to be taken to dispose of under-performing stock.
  • Added a dates drop down list to the invoices tab of the name viewing window so that recent invoices for a name can quickly be shown rather than having to scroll to the bottom of a very long list.

Bug Fixes

  • A long standing bug where occasionally the selling price and invoice total were not calculated for lines on supplier invoices has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where a customer credit could have a margin added to it if a default margin had been entered for that customer (Don√ït ask us why someone would enter a margin for a customer!)
  • Fixed some small bugs with the wrong alerts being displayed when a user cancelled attachment of e-mails
  • Fixed a bug where ordering for one supplier was using the non-preferred quotes for that supplier rather than the preferred quotes.