Version History

v1.43 (5th July 2002)


  • Windows XP certified.
  • Each customer or supplier can now be assigned to a group. There is no limit to the number of groups that can be created.
  • Customer groups can be used as a way of creating a restricted access scheme for medicines. For example, you can specify that items whose department is “narcotic” can only be supplied to customers whose group is “central hospital” or “remote hospital”
  • Transaction totals are now kept up to date in the background, so that even if a user quits by using the Windows close box, the correct transaction total is available. Without reopening the invoice.
  • Dot matrix printers can be driven directly from mSupply, either to 10c m roll paper or A4 paper.
  • Item stock import can now include batch numbers and expiry dates when setting up a new data file.
  • Item name import is now more flexible, and handles nasty extra characters that Excel inserts more gracefully.
  • Names can now be imported.
  • Changing a user password from the user list now requires entering the password twice to save errors
  • The password entry window has been redesigned. It now alerts the user if caps lock is on.
  • User access to certain functions can now be set on a per-user basis.
  • Invoices can be finalised as they are entered on a “per-invoice” basis if the user has permission to do so.
  • Data file warns if there are no items in the file when you try to view items.
  • New menu commands to open a different data file or to create a new data file.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where processing a previous customer overpayment on a cash receipt would not remove the overpayment amount from the customer’s record.
  • Fixed a bug where finalizing a invoice might not record the amount as outstanding if one-step finalize was turned on in the Preferences.