Version History

v1.5r3 (15th May 2003)


  • Added the method “build_cost_of_good_update” inside [trans_line]pass_thru form. This is to update the cost price of the manufactured product after transaction lines are selected, or double clicked.
  • Added a delete button to delete ingredient lines in Builds
  • Enabled the “OK” “Cancel” and “OK and Next” button to work properly. Now it is posssible to go from one order line to the other and stop
  • Flush buffers has been set to 10 minutes from 15
  • On [item_line]input if some one changes the batch name, this is logged. Edited the “OK” button of [item_line]input
  • On the [order]input form Price page, a variable was added to display the number of units received for each order line. Before, only total quantity was displayed. The packsize now displayed is the received one rather than the ordered one.

Bug fixes

  • Solved a bug with order line—— Clicking “OK” or “Cancel” sent the software on a continous loop. Inside [order]input on form event:=“on clicked” , a Repeat …. Until funtion was corrected
  • When adding new ingredient the cost price of the manufactured good is automatically updated . The method “build_cost_of_good_update” does it.
  • [item_line]input made sure that the word “none” is an excluded word for item batches
  • [transaction]build second page :- Edited the method inside the “Add Bill of material” button and re-structured the check… Previously it was slightly wrong