Version History

v1.6 (Jan 2004)

Major Features

  • A dispensary mode has been added, where you can issue to patients rather than organisations.
  • Built in web server – you can access mSupply data from your web browser.
  • Drug interactions. Be alerted to drug interactions with already dispensed medicines. Drug interaction information includes the affected group, and severity and clinical significance of the interaction and the quality of evidence. In a furture version of mSupply we hope to be able to automatically download up to date drug intereaction information from’s RPC server once it is complete. (See
  • Reminders – a separate to-do list for each user which can automatically remind you of due tasks when you log on to mSupply. Reminders can be set to automatically repeat at certain intervals.
  • HTML context-sensitive help. mSupply now has help that will display in a web browser and take you to the right place in the user guide when you open it when using a particular part of mSupply. (The help is not included in the download version to keep the download to a reasonable size. You can download the PDF user guide separately).
  • Web services (client-server only). Not in demo version or single-user- the ability to query mSupply data from a range of web services aware applications (including SQL server, Oracle, Sybase, etc….).
  • XML export (client-server only. Not in demo version or single-user). XML export allows extremely easy import of required data into other applications.
  • New report editor (client-server only. Not in demo version or single-user). The new report editor includes the ability to do cross-tab reports, export reports to HTML, colour alternate rows, and lots more!

Other Features

  • You can now make a customer invoice directly from a supplier invoice. This is useful for “charge through” invoices, where the supplier has supplied the goods directly to the client.
  • You are now given the option to leave quotes in when importing items, as some people want to import “inch” signs!
  • Field length for items has been increased to display the full name for long item names
  • When you select an item for use on an invoice, it’s tool tip now shows the text of the full item description.
  • Pack sizes can now be real numbers (as opposed to integers)
  • You can now exclude or include manufactured (built) lines from item usage calculations
  • Shelf location for each batch is shown when issuing goods and in the item details stock tab.
  • In dispensary mode, patient notes are shown when issuing medicines, and notes can be added, edited and deleted “on the fly”.
  • Adding items to a bill of materials has been made more user friendly.
  • The item usage report can now be used to report on all items with less than a certain number of days stock on hand. This allows it to be used as a simple order template.
  • A new preference has been added that allows automatically generated email orders to be sorted by item name.
  • You can now double-click an transaction line in the ledger tab when viewing an item, and you will be shown the invoice that the line belongs to in a new window.
    h4. Bug fixes
  • Item usage now displays properly (fixed 1.5r9 and later)