Version History

v1.62r1 (17 Aug 2004)

  • Fixed a bug in display after opening single item selection
  • Added a preference first batch even if multiple batches present
  • Added “order by” button to items list
  • Items list – now grows to right of item name.
  • Fixed “delete reminders” button reminders list.
  • Fixed sort columns on reminders
  • Fixed bug with items import – it was not working unless “strip” quotes was checked
  • Fixed a bug with display of order lines
  • When clicking on “new line” for orders, the item name field now gets the focus.
  • Tab order on users “input” was naff.
  • Fixed a bug when a new user edits an original order, the “Edited by” was not changed to the current one.
  • The estimated costs in the orders was not updated properly
  • Repacks weren’t filling in the item name stored with transaction lines/
  • Title was missing for most recent invoices display.
  • Supplier credits with no stock are now handled properly
  • If a customer invoice previously saved it was possible the totals could be incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug with the find button on the item list window – wasn’t loading record to allow editing when only one record was found..