Version History

v1.70 (3rd December 2004)

  • This version only available in client server versions.

New features

  • There is a new type of item – Ad Hoc item. These items can not be added directly to a customer invoice – but can be added to purchase orders. When a purchase order arrives, a customer invoice is automatically generated for the item.
  • Cross-reference items are another type of item that do not have any stock, but rather “point” to a different item. When you choose a cross-reference item the item to which it points is substituted.
  • Names and name codes can only be changed by users who have permission to do so.
  • Postal address fields added to names.
  • All name fields and address fields can now hold 50 characters.
  • Names now have a separate category drop-down list. You can set name categories for suppliers and customers separately.
  • Added accounts for items (that’s “accounts” as is accounting codes). You can manage accounts using the menu Items > Show accounts. Each item can have accounts set for an asset account, an expense account and an income account.
  • Expanded range of fields that can be imported for items and for names.
  • New purchase order printing format.
  • New goods received printing format.
  • Pick slips now include item code (landscape mode)
  • Customer invoices now include item code (landscape mode)
    viewing a supplier now shows a tab with purchase orders for that supplier
  • Item units are now stored in a table. Choose Item > Show units to view and add units.
  • Purchase orders now store the item name at the time of the order.
  • Purchase order access is divided by user permissions into those who can receive goods and those who can make invoices and enter/edit prices
  • Purchase orders now display invoices created from that order in a separate tab.
  • Supplier invoices now display the purchase order they were created from (or zero if they were not created from a purchase order).
  • Supplier quotes can now store information including supplier outer pack, supplier bar codes, price breaks and freight details.
  • Purchase orders can now have an expected price and units recorded for each item.
  • Customer pick slips and invoices record the date they were printed. They give a warning if you try to print an invoice that has already been printed.
  • Reports in the report manager can now be saved to a file on disk.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a potential bug in issuing items that are part of a restricted group.
  • Sometimes suppliers could show in lists that should only have displayed customers.
  • Placeholder button when issuing items on invoices was not moving correctly for smallest window size.