Version History

v3 Features (25th Feb 2010)

This is the definitive list of changes in mSupply version 3



  • Certified for Windows 7
  • Certified for Mac OS X 10.6.2

Vaccine vial status monitoring

  • You can record a status for each batch, along with a comment and the date.
  • You can set a preference so that when issuing goods mSupply will sort the available batches by their status rather than their expiry date. (This assumes you are running a separate store for vaccines, as it will not apply to other items)

Document Management

  • You can now attach any kind of document (PDF, Excel, Word, Opendoc, etc..) to many records in mSupply, including
    • Tenders
    • Item lines (Batches)
    • Names (Suppliers and Customers)
  • Documents are stored outside the database, but on the server.
  • Document versions are supported, so you can roll back changes to a document if someone edits the document and then you want to discard changes.
  • Possible uses
    • Recording supplier responses to quotation requests
    • Recording results of QA on a batch
    • Recording compliance documents for a supplier (e.g. their legal registration status)
      Storing applications for accounts from customers.


  • New display style for names and transactions:
  • Sidebar for quick access to common queries
    Sortable on all columns
  • New icons with feedback when the mouse if over the icon.


  • When viewing transactions for an item there are more options for selecting the date range and transaction type
  • Button to show related invoices for a particular batch
  • The suggested order quantity for items updates on the fly as you type (Item details > Stock tab)
  • New Stock display, that displays current stock directly in a list (helpful for adding VVM status updates)


  • New button to quickly merge two names/patients by highlighting them in the displayed list


Stock-take module

  • The new stock take module allows you to take a snapshot of stock at a particular point in time, and do your stock take count against that snapshot. Once the count is finished new transactions may be entered in mSupply and goods issued without affecting stock take accuracy.
  • After entering the count in mSupply, it automatically creates the necessary inventory adjustments.

Tender management

  • Allows recording of a master Standard conditions list
  • Conditions can be copied from the master list to each tender and then edited as needed.
  • Chepest quotation is highlighted.
  • Allows comparison of CIF / FOB prices
  • Allows assignment of variable quanitities and split deliveries to purchase orders after a supplier is chosen for each item.
  • Item cost information is shown as you assign stock to purchase orders (total for item, total for each supplier, total for tender)
  • The date each quote line is created is recorded.
  • Filters on the tender item list to show lines without a preferred supplier chosen
  • Lines where the preferred supplier is not the cheapest price submitted.

Purchase Orders

  • Each item has an expected delivery date. You can set the date per line or for a group of lines at once.

Backup and Audit

  • There is a new backup option to autmatically backup to a secure internet backup site. This can be configured to happen at night when your internet bandwidth is not being used.
  • Special XML import/export available to export all data as XML files.
  • Changes to item name, code, units are logged. Thee is a log tab available when viewing an item’s details which lists these changes.
  • A new diagnostics command performs lots of different checks on the integrity of the data.

Multiple languages

  • The mSupply language localization files are now XML, and mSupply can be localized into languages using non-Roman fonts. We provide a tool to enter the necessary text in other languages

Receiving goods

  • Ability to put invoices on hold automatically.


  • New reports for transactions and purchase orders.
  • There is a “paperclip” icon allowing you to remember the settings you have entered in the report options window.
  • Purchase Orders with status “sg” can now be included in usage calculations.
  • Quotation reports
    • Can now be filtered by a date range based on the created or last edited date of the quotation.
    • Can now be produced grouped by “Supplier then item” or by “item then Supplier”
  • Report menu is now organised by report type.

Location management

  • Each Location can have it’s coordinates set
  • Each location’s coordinates are relative to a parent object
  • You can view % usage at each location.
  • You can “drill down” to see child locations by double-clicking it’s parent.

Database engine

  • SQL 92 support with ODBC drivers for external access
  • 1 billion records per table
  • New maintenance and security centre to aid database maintenance
  • Multi-processor support
  • Supports hundreds of concurrent users
  • Significant speed improvements when querying tables.
  • Text fields can now contain 2Gb of text (previously 32Kb)
  • Support for scalable vector graphics
  • Unicode font support

Hospital Information System

  • Shared patient table with mSupply
  • Inpatient admissions with the ability to handle multiple stays in different wards for the one admission
  • Disease state recording for each admission with unlimited entries per admission, and ICD-10 coding.
    Reporting on:
    • Currently admitted patients
    • Ward occupancy
    • Disease states for each admission
  1. I am much interested in the tool,and would like to know how I can get and use it. Is it a downloadable tool from the web or I have to get it right from you?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,

    — Frank Killa · Mar 2, 09:55 am · #

  2. Hi Frank,

    mSupply is fully downloadable. For windows, click the link below :

    For Mac :

    mSupply will run unlicensed for about 6 months.

    — Ujwal · Mar 2, 02:26 pm · #

  3. We would like to upgrade to the new version (V3). We have been using a multi-user version for almost two years now.

    Is it possible to migrate to the new version without losing our information.

    Chipupu Kandeke
    Pharmaceutical and Logistics Manager
    Churches Health Association of Zambia

    — Chipupu Kandeke · Nov 1, 02:54 pm · #

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